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The Mycelium Collection Lookbook

Mycelium Collection Lookbook

Introducing the Mycelium Collection

This new collection sees continuation of the patterns, tones and textures in original ‘Mycelium’ art piece made by Tarmi which has a core focus on nature’s ability to coexist, form relationships in the immediate environment – and find hope along the way.

The ‘Mycelium’ art piece references a symbiotic relationship between a Silver Birch Tree and Mycelium. Mycelium and plants can have beneficial relationships where they share nutrients.

After months of lockdown, this has taken on new meaning for artist and designer, showing how important nature is in understanding new ways of coexisting, finding true connection and solace in a time of extreme uncertainty and social isolation.

By hand-making the pieces to order it shows that fashion can be sustainable and local – both in theme and in production. “Nature’s ability to reclaim the man-made and create bonds to live in a symbiotic relationship has made me want to bring that into the way I design, live and interact.

Tarmi is mimicking this in her collection by using reclaimed and sustainable materials, gentler artisan manufacturing techniques like dyeing and embroidery and working with other local businesses along the way.

The Mycelium Collection of styled artful classics is available in the Fashion Store.

Inspiration Images
Mycelium Art Couture Dress
Silver Birch Dress from the Mycelium Collection

Look 1

Silver Birch Dress

Designer Tarmi found her inspiration for this exquisite dress in the enchanting nature of the ‘Mycelium’ art piece and a Silver Birch Tree. Drawing on the tree’s humble power, this piece represents the wearer’s individual strength, worn outwardly to express what lies within.

Silver Birch Dress back view

Lining and Main fabric in Silk

Choice of lining dye colours are – White and Apricot or White and Peach


Look 2

Silver Birch Biker Jacket

with Moss Top and Charcoal Birch Trouser

Worn as a statement piece, the Silver Birch Biker Jacket sees modern contemporary style collide with the natural world. It’s edgy, angular form partnered with organic textures reminiscent of the Silver Birch Tree, allow the wearer to exude a sense of quiet feminine power that makes her stand a little straighter with ease and confidence.

Silver Birch Biker Jacket Sleeve Detail

Lining and Main fabric in Silk

Choice of lining dye colours are – White and Apricot or White and Peach

Silver Birch Biker Jacket
Moss Top from the Mycelium Collection

Look 3

Moss Top

with Silver Birch Stride Skirt

Cocooning the wearer in a light silk, the Moss Top echoes the ethereal softness and beauty of moss found spread along the forest floor. Subtle and elegant, this piece gives the wearer a sense of poise and sophistication, drawing on her inner feminine strength. Drawing its inspiration from the art couture dress ‘Mycelium‘, the delicate shoulder detailing, created through a specialised fabric manipulation technique, contrasts against the smoothness and minimalist nature of the piece, adding structural, eye-catching intrigue.

Silk Crepe de Chine outer and lining.

Look 4

Silver Birch Stride Skirt

with Moss Top, Silver Birch Biker Jacket  and Puff Sleeve Shirt

The Silver Birch Stride Skirt is modern in structure yet texturally reminiscent of the organic surface of the Silver Birch Tree. Sophisticated, yet softened by the organic nature of the fabric, this piece exudes a quiet confidence from every wearer and champions her self-expression.

With a double ended exposed zip, the Stride Skirt can be adjusted, so the wearer can adjust their stride and create their own style depending on the occasion.

Silver Birch Biker Jacket, Moss Top and Silver Birch Stride Skirt from the Mycelium Collection

Lining and Main fabric in Silk

Choice of lining dye colours are – White and Apricot or White and Peach

Silver Birch Stride Skirt from the Mycelium Collection

Look 5

Puff Sleeve Shirt

with Charcoal Birch Trouser

Puff Sleeve Shirt from the Mycelium Collection

The Puff Sleeve Shirt is designed as a coordinate piece to be worn with the more textured garments in the Mycelium Collection. Designed with classic clean lines, this shirt is every women’s fail-safe staple and makes creating stylish looks a breeze. Easy to wear and transition seamlessly from day-time casual to night-time event, this shirt will soon become a legacy piece in your wardrobe.

Though seemingly straightforward in design, Tarmi has placed two sets of buttons on the cuffs making them adjustable to the wearer depending on her chosen level of “puff” in the sleeve.

Lyocell/Cotton blend with a soft hand feel.

Charcoal Birch Trouser from the Mycelium Collection

Look 6

Charcoal Birch Trouser

with Silver Birch Biker Jacket, Moss Top and Puff Sleeve Shirt

The elegant sweeping pant leg, asymmetrical hemline and the front seam of the Charcoal Birch Trouser all work together to elongate the wearer’s leg and create a flattering, feminine line from waist to ankle. Every wearer will experience a feeling of class and confidence when donning these trousers, which are at once sophisticated yet effortlessly stylish.

The charcoal colour harks back to the organic tones found within the natural world and utilised within  the Mycelium art couture dress.

Rayon/Silk/Cotton marle blend with a soft hand feel.

Silk Lining Colour Options

For the Silver Birch Dress, Silver Birch Biker Jacket and Silver Birch Stride Skirt there is an option of 2 dye colours. White and Apricot or White and Peach.

The pattern and tones found in these linings are derived from the fungus sprouting from the back of the ‘Mycelium’ art piece.

Each lining is hand dyed by Tarmi using the Japanese Shibori technique, Arashi. Also known as pole-wrapping shibori.

Apricot Lining Colour from the Mycelium Collection
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