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Art Commissions and Collaborations


Art Commissions and Collaborations

Interested in a statement art piece for your business, hotel or home? I create custom one-of-a-kind artworks.

Art Commission example by Tarmi Clarke
Art Commission timeline by Tarmi Clarke

It wasn’t until I regularly started going to an expressive life drawing class that I started to truly understand the power of just letting go of the expectations and letting the artistic process guide you. These modern and experimental figurative nudes encourage experimentation and moving out of your comfort zone and shows what can happen when you do that.

The constant exploring of letting go of expectations allowed my own unique wet-on-wet style to take shape. Painting from a life model, I allow myself to experiment with bleeding, run marks, repelling mediums and follow musical rhythms, letting the energy of the experience bring these expressive life paintings to life.

Clients have mainly been professional young women (20’s-30’s) who are into art and travelling, that are looking for something to bring energy and femininity to their home.

These paintings can also be photographed and enlarged to make paste-ups, creating a dynamic large-scale wall artwork.

Socially conscious art and fashion has inspired me to be an up-cycle enthusiast, where I consider the environment by reducing the use of new raw materials, and using ‘waste’ instead.  As a continuation of this philosophy, much of my wearable art, and textile assemblage installations, are inspired by the fact that nature will ‘RECLAIM’ almost anything over time. Whether it be a shipwreck or an abandoned building, given the chance nature’s force will slowly take it over.

These textile wall assemblages are a demonstration of how to turn waist into something beautiful.

If you’ve got a commission in mind and are ready to see a space transformed by custom artwork please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat. I’d love to hear from you.

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